Condition monitoring for the whole organisation to give leaders peace of mind

VSE 360 - The App that is

re-defining Lean Management:

Central to any organisation achieving Lean excellence and sustained performance improvement, is consistency.

Adherence to processes and action plan timing; optimum behaviour to support delivery, quality, and fault management etc are all 'normal' elements involved within a well drilled operation but even the most Lean focussed organisations constantly battle against instances of sub optimal manual intervention causing performance to drift downwards from time to time. So VSE solved the problem.


Welcome to VSE 360.


VSE 360 is your organisation's 'all-seeing-eye'. 

By combining our unparalleled experience in Lean management and Lean logistics, we map your key processes, including contingency processes, including responsibilities and timings into the VSE 360 App

The App can sit across any and all PCs/Mobile/Tablet/Laptops etc and can take feeds from internal systems, as well as individual, manual input.

Then the magic begins.

Once your VSE 360 App is ready to go live, at each critical stage of your operational processes a notification will light up the App at the appropriate time, for the appropriate people. The notification will then only be 'signed-off' when either a manual input has been undertaken (representing a member of the team acknowledging that stage of the process is on track) OR an automated feed from your internal systems can be set up to 'sign off' the notification once complete.

Any deviation in terms of completion or timing of the completion would be noted and flagged (depending on tolerance levels built in) to the next layer of management, allowing for dynamic recourse through immediate intervention, before an issue can spiral into a major problem.

The VSE 360 App effectively brings together two of the most important elements to Lean management; operational consistency and senior management maintaining clear presence around the team, through regular 'Go-Look-See' walk-arounds.

Who uses VSE 360?

VSE 360 is built for three groups of people within any Lean organisation:

  • the front-line operational team

  • the senior management team

  • the analytics/improvement team

What are the benefits to using VSE 360?


  • Your front-line operational team, like most, will no doubt deliver consistent performance when there are no issues to report. It is when issues happen and the ripple effect they can create where errors and sub-optimal behaviour occurs - VSE 360 provides a real-time process control procedure to provide immediate support for the front-line team to follow, in order to minimise issues escalating into major problems. Responsibility and accountability become tangible, removing the chance of improvements being 'assumed'.



  • The senior operational team benefit hugely from VSE 360 due to the transparency and speed by which anything outside of the precise process and results is reported to them - VSE 360 delivers instant notifications on any and all parts of the operational process that are running (or even about to) outside of the pre-set tolerance levels. Additionally, VSE 360 also prompts the senior management team to undertake their crucial 'condition monitoring' where they need to undertake regular 'Go-Look-See' exercises on the shop floor. Again, if and when this crucial part of Lean management is indeed undertaken, are also monitored within VSE 360.



  • The analytics team have the perfect tool in VSE 360, to gain complete access into the insight around what works well, when, what doesn't, who requires support/training into eradicating incorrect behaviours etc - within one month of using VSE 360, the data captured will be the precise information needed to drive your continuous improvement strategy. 

What next?

To see a Demo of VSE 360 in action or to get in touch to ask any questions you may have please choose one of the options below. You'll be blown away what VSE 360 can do for your organisation.