VSE Diagnostic

VSE Diagnostic Updated  Sales Process 7.

How does VSE Diagnostic work?

> Initially, a detailed discussion with the client either over the telephone or within a site visit occurs before a decision is made to proceed. Top-line challenges, issues, goals and target financial/performance improvements will be discussed, allowing VSE thereafter, to outline an initial Analysis & Recommendation Stage - the VSE Diagnostic - in the form of a bespoke proposal.

> Typically, following a client requesting to undergo a VSE Diagnostic, it takes 24 - 48 hours for us to identify the optimum lean expert from our team, who offers the most experience and success, of working with similar (type and size) organisations in the past.

>A date is then agreed, for the VSE lean specialist to start a consecutive 3 day on-site analysis, focusing on identification of potential causes of current challenges and gaps in performance and identifying potential solutions and improvements. The detailed analysis will include; people, processes, work-flows, environment/equipment and leadership. Insight will be gathered via; Observation, Engagement and Data

>Following the on-site analysis, the VSE Diagnostic Report is produced and presented to the client, incorporating; a summary of all findings, areas of wastage (often including visual examples), key areas of improvement needed, quick wins, recommended actions and a support proposal, outlining precisely the plan that VSE propose would optimise the required improvements and the improved financial margins that we'd expect to generate, should the client decide to continue the partnership with us.

What are the benefits to me?

There are two key advantages of the new, innovative VSE Diagnostic approach, as compared to a traditional 3rd-party support model:

1) Picture the scenario. A key area of your organisation is underperforming and whilst opinions will be rife as to why, before remedial Actions can be confidently applied to not only solve the issues quickly but also up-skills personnel to stop them being repeated, you ideally need to understand the full picture, in terms of; on-going issues, wastage and key areas/actions for improvement.

In under a week from pressing the button, VSE Diagnostic delivers EXACTLY that.

2) One of the biggest bugbears that our team has heard over the years, is the common occurence  where clients have required third-party lean specialist support (be it due to a lack of internal skills or more likely, lack of time), only to be quoted large fees and time to help 'fix' the issues, before it has even been fully established what those issues actually are.


VSE Diagnostic puts the power firmly back into the client's hands, whereby upon presentation of the VSE Diagnostic Report, together with the the full feedback, analysis, quick wins and recommendations, we also provide a further support proposal for the client to consider, which outlines specific timescales, improvement plans and anticipated return on investment, based on those findings.


Of course, the client also has the option of undertaking the improvement plans internally too.

What is in the VSE Diagnostic Report?

The VSE Diagnostic Report is the culmination of the findings, observations, insights and analysis following the 3 day on-site activity of one of our Lean support experts.

A number of clear sections make up the VSE Diagnostic Report:

1) The introduction covers what VSE did on site, in order to produce the report

2) Next, we provide a clear executive summary


3) A summary of all findings and data gained from analysis of; processes, work-flows/premises, the operational team and the leadership/management 


4) We highlight any key areas of time/resource/material wastage (usually including visual examples). This section also includes issues found and areas of improvement needed (and why) 


5) A popular section of the report is our list of Quick wins, which usually can be undertaken using internal resources and impact immediately and positively on ROI


6) Recommended Improvement Plan and Actions needed to deliver it. This section includes anticipated timescales and achievable operational/financial targets to aim for


7) Our support proposal to outline the option of the client partnering with VSE, to help deliver the Improvement Plan, whilst up-skilling internal team members to deliver continuous improvement thereafter

Is it possible to see an actual VSE Diagnostic Report before committing?

Yes it is. Naturally, we adhere to client confidentiality, however, we are able to show you real-life examples of completed VSE Diagnostic Reports, so you can picture exactly what you'll be getting.

How long does it take?

If your requirements are to move very quickly, we can have the completed VSE Diagnostic Report on your desk in under one working week. 

How much does it cost?

95% of VSE Diagnostics we undertake are completed, end-to-end for a total of £3500.00 + VAT, with everything included. Only in instances of a client's requirements that have needed to incorporate multiple departments/teams within an organisation, has that meant additional time needed by VSE and thus a higher fee.