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The transport sector in almost every growing nation is under continual pressure to adapt and change. An increasing population and constant technological developments in both infrastructure and across all modes of transport that run across it, signifies genuine threats to those organisations unable to at least keep pace with/stay ahead of the competition.


And huge opportunity for those that can.


With transport being the sector that provides the ‘oil to keep a country’s economic engine moving along’, the demands and expectations from both central Government and the end customer are sky high.


Whilst delivering products and services that are high quality, value for money, environmentally sensitive and a better option than what is already available, are the goals, the transport industry (like many) have to deliver these goals to compete, with margins under the biggest pressure that they’ve ever been under.


Almost every organisation within the transport sector across the western world has identified the need or commenced means to change their operations and processes to adapt but in the competitive nature of their industry, they MUST get the change right, to deliver the new targets or face swift erosion of margins and market share. 

Our experience will get you there



Nottingham Trams 

Lean Management applications were identified as being required within the back office operations, in order to provide the technological infrastructure, upon which the front end processes and human resource, could gain significant reduction in time and cost. 


Huge improvement in efficiency across the back-end administrative operations function.

Facilitation and implementation of new technology for the process of administering penalty fares, with key staff developed to steer continuous improvements.


"The hands on approach by the guys at Value Stream Experts really helped us see a new application of Lean Management - plus it gave us some excellent operational and financial results."  


Paul Robinson 

Managing Director

Nottingham Trams

Experience you can always rely on

Every member of our senior client-facing team has over 25 years experience and success delivering Lean management and training for businesses throughout the world. More importantly, each member of the team shares tangible people skills - the core component of world class lean delivery. 


Our experience will get you there.


"The visualisation room implementation really enabled our organisation to drive problem solving and increase the speed of our business flow and a better financial situation"

Roger Iliffe

Chief Executive

Hansa Heavy Lift

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