The Defence Ecosystem

The Defence Ecosystem

At Value Steam Experts we are delighted to have a highly respected team of Sector specialists, each of whom provide our Operational Team, as well as our clients, with the latest insight and changes which can affect Operational Performance within related organisations.

Below we are delighted to once again present an incredible piece (including detailed research underpinning it) from our Defence Sector specialist, Richard Fisher of Cranfield University:

It’s once again been another quarter since my last article but it has been a busy period.

Recently I presented at DSEI 2017 – the world’s largest defence and security exhibition held at Excel in London.

The work I shared was a piece I have been doing with the UK Defence Solutions Centre. Its focus has been to understand the UK defence industry in a lot more detail than was thought to be needed.

I’ve shared those slides on Researchgate so others can access them as well as those who attended the exhibition.

The approach taken has been to consider the defence industry as an ecosystem that is a living and organically changing construct. By doing this, you can start to apply different analogies and tests to it that help understand how it changes and evolves over time.

It also helps identify who is at risk and where we need to be resilient.

An ecosystem is wider than a supply chain, considering not just the product as part of the material supplied but funding and information as well. These may even be outside the traditional value chain.

It will also identify where efficiencies can be made and processes improved.

Processes aren’t just an internal operation. The multi-layered construct of the ecosystems have processes as well, but often we don’t know what they are until we’re moving along their path.

'Visualising the processes at this strategic level should help those interested in working in the defence industry to accelerate along the

routes to market'.

This has the potential to be a substantial piece of work that continues to evolve, like the ecosystem itself, and will improve the relationships the businesses have. It will also help us improve market intelligence for the sector.

It can be said that the defence industry appears to be a closed shop and difficult to access but I’ve identified, through this research, that there are many different routes to access the market, the difficulty is identifying the right one!

All of those I’ve spoken to about this work, at many layers and parts of the ecosystem, have seen value in the work so make no assumptions that others aren’t facing the same challenges you are and seek support and advice to help your organisation.

Richard Fisher

Cranfield University and UK Defence Sector advisor to VSE

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