The complexity of Rail is it's own worst enemy

Rail can be made so much less complex

Railways and Rail companies operate extremely complex infrastructures, comprising of numerous areas within which sustained inefficiency is very capable of creating devastating and direct negativity to the organisation’s bottom line.

Four of the main areas of complex Rail infrastructure are;

- the building of the assets (railway itself, trains, equipment etc),

- the operation,

- the maintenance and

- the overall delivery of customer satisfaction.

Depending on the organisation, one or more of these areas can often be rife with both inefficiency and poor operational performance. The problem they have in fixing the problems, is that each area is so inter-dependent on the other…fixing one often affects another negatively.

An obvious example of this is where crucial maintenance on a line, leads to delays and unhappy passengers.

The use of Lean principles to enhance and improve modern railways has gained many organisations huge rewards by focusing resources on the problem but crucially also the cause of the problem.

Sorting the root cause is crucial in improving the overall Rail model and yet so often is over-looked for a ‘quick-fix’ appeasement.

Rail transportation entails a complicated chain of activities, be it as part of command dispatch systems or delivery capability systems, to translate multiple inputs to multiple outputs. Lean simplifies the operation of such complex processes to ultimately make them more transparent, controlled, predictable and therefore efficient.

The skill of top Lean practitioners is precisely the ability to simplify, help visualise and identify waste within Rail companies operations.

At Value Stream Experts (VSE), our team, which boasts over 40 years combined experience operating within the Rail sector, is yet to come across an organisation or significant Rail process, that couldn’t be significantly improved and made much more profitable.

Whether it be developing senior teams to improve their ability to problem-solve and identify issues before they happen or implementing digitised access to schematics and engineering documents, a focus on production metrics and balanced build plans, VSE has the experience, insight and skill to make huge operational performance improvements within even the mightiest Rail organisations.

Our experience will get you there.

Call us today on 0207 412 8995 or email us on your questions about Lean and how our unrivalled experience will help positively transform YOUR organisation.

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