How do you run socially distanced operations..?

The return to 'normal' business operations will be a test for every organisation, no matter what size or sector they operate within. As well as potential changes in customer demand, organisations are also working out how to operate effectively, whilst complying with social distancing.

Across the UK only a tiny percentage of the economy is operating. The latest guidance for those organisations is; washing hands, staying 2m apart or keeping contact below 15mins; obviously targeted at keeping everyone safe and keeping control of the COVID19 transmission rate.

But.... what about everything else we used to worry about..?

Such as maintaining safety, optimising quality and achieving delivery efficiency..?

Within a short space of time, these topics will re-emerge and be even more important than they previously were... especially where customer demand is reduced.

That's why VSE are sharing all the best practice we have learned so far, from across our networks. Knacks like, how to maintain efficiency within socially distanced flow line production, and maintaining productivity on socially distanced construction sites.

Value Stream Experts are committed to keeping business moving...

During this challenging period, we are helping the national effort by offering free 'post COVID19 ready' diagnostic to help companies get back up to speed as quickly as possible. Click here to arrange yours...

Needless to say, we have a methodology that enables a socially distanced diagnostic to be carried out...!

Value Stream Experts' mission is “To Help Individuals and Organisations achieve their maximum potential by improving their capabilities, performance and fulfilment.”

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