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High-Performance Individual Coaching from VSE

Whether people are in a leadership position or members of a project team, they have been selected for these often pressured and exciting roles because of the range of skills they possess.

However, that of course doesn't mean to say that they know everything....who does/...who can?!

Across the myriad of roles in which you may find yourself; from project delivery and operational performance, to leading global transformation programmes or even starting your own company; there will come even more additional pressures. These could include integrating new technologies; developing your team members; driving efficiencies, all the while targeting increased margins, business growth and milestone delivery.

For this reason, there are times, when most individuals can benefit from taking time out to re-fresh, and further develop some of their own key skills, in order to optimise their own effectiveness and fulfilment.

Having decades of successful personal mentoring and coaching experience across our team, VSE are delighted to launch our High-Performance Individual Coaching programme, to add to our ever-popular Lean Coaching Workshop Series.

The VSE High-Performance Individual Coaching Programme has been designed specifically to provide proactive individuals, with the opportunity to receive an entirely personalised, low-cost performance improvement coaching solution, laser-focused across the skills they need to develop. The engaging programme combining continuous improvement thinking and personal development thinking via experienced non-judgemental, independent coaches.

For as little as £195.00 + VAT per month, you too can enhance your performance improvement skills with the new VSE High-Performance Individual Coaching Programme.

Click HERE for more information and don't forget to get in touch today to see how simple and effective our personalised, low-cost coaching can be for your own personal development.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask about VSE High-Performance Individual Coaching Programme, we'd love to hear from you. - All Enquiries/Questions

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