VSE's 'Holy Trinity' Lean Workshops© are proving a performance improvement game-changer

VSE Holy Trinity Lean Workshop

A number of years ago when Value Stream Experts (VSE) was born, the experienced team behind the company were unified in the approach in terms of Lean Development support and Lean Coaching that the company delivers.

Lean isn't about taking in information within a classroom or even more bizarrely, via online tools, it is a mindset.

Company leaders, as well as their operational teams, need to be fully engaged, focused and consistent in their adoption of Lean practices and their commitment to apply them across the organisation.

A minimum of 50% of each Lean workshop that we deliver is undertaken on the 'shop floor'.

We work with, support and engage our client's team both in a coaching environment but then apply and demonstrate the power of what they have learned, out in and amongst the operation.

The feedback and more importantly, the sustained, improved results achieved by each and every team we have undertaken workshops with this year are proof that our unified approach to coaching and developing teams all those years ago, is the right one.

Indeed, the VSE Workshop that is becoming the most synonymous with delivering the fastest and most compelling, positive effect on performance improvement, is VSE's Holy Trinity Workshop ©.

''There was a really good teaching style deployed, that ensured our full understanding of crucial new lean methods.

The improvement approach was people centric with productive challenges and clear focus on targets we needed to achieve.''

Marco Goepfert, Senior Manufacturing Executive, Daimler Trucks

The three, fundamental leadership behaviours/disciplines that underpin the world's most effective, Lean specialist organisation's (starting with Toyota in the 1970s) are recognised as:

  • Go-Look-See

  • Root Cause Thinking

  • Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)

The VSE Holy Trinity Workshop coaches and puts into practice within the client team's own operational environment, these three core leadership behaviours, upon which further Lean practices can then be over-layed (if desired).

We have plenty of clients from a Lean point of view, which have focused their operational teams ONLY on absolutely nailing and maintaining the 'Holy Trinity' to drive their sustainable performance improvement and they have (and continue to) generated huge gains in doing so.

To find out more or to simply receive more information about what a personalised VSE 'Holy Trinity' Lean Workshop © involves and the anticipated performance improvements it will bring within your operational teams, get in touch by clicking here.

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