VSE Diagnostic: Another innovation from VSE to help de-risk client exposure (and it's FREE!)

client confidence in lean support

Over the past 20+ years, each member of our highly experienced team of Operational Performance improvement specialists has regularly come across organisations, which are fully aware that their operational performance could/should be better but are just unsure of the optimal route to achieving it.

Spending money for external specialists to come in may not work

and could just add to the spiralling costs surely??

The dichotomy is, that until external Lean specialists actually get stuck into identifying the operational issues, spotting the weaknesses in the client's team skill-base, inefficient processes and levels of wasted time/efforts occurring on a daily basis, they can't be specific as to what the solutions look like and thus, the investment required, to apply them.

As such, the result of such early discussions, can often leave the organisation unable to commit and thus, remain in a status quo, operating inefficiently with no solid plans as to where improvements are going to come from.

A3 Problem Solving

So earlier this year, we launched the answer. VSE Diagnostic:

1) Following initial discussions with the potential client, we invest in one of our highly-experienced Lean experts, to spend a day on-site. The day itself has a structured approach that allows VSE to observe (applying Go-Look-See principles) and liaise with key internal team members, in order to build up a (top-line) evaluation of where and why inefficiencies are prevalent.

2) Typically, the VSE Diagnostic will also involve us meeting key stakeholders within Senior Leadership, Finance and the actual operational teams themselves....the idea being when we propose solutions, we always aim to align operational targets with financial targets, helping the probability of sustainability thereafter.

3) The final piece of VSE Diagnostic, is that the potential new client then receives a detailed analysis report, including observations and feedback that have been generated, together with our proposed solutions, anticipated operational/financial gains (short/medium and long term) and our associated fees to achieve all this.

With no obligation whatsoever, the potential new client now has clarity and substance around what the improvement plan looks like and the anticipated Return on Investment by partnering with VSE.

If you'd like to understand a bit more about how VSE Diagnostic works, please email us: team@valuestreamexperts.com and we'll send you more details as to how you can take advantage of our latest innovation, at no cost or obligation on your part.

'It's through investing in innovative products like VSE Diagnostic combined with the short, medium and long-term results we lock in for our clients, which have resulted in VSE becoming the UK's fastest growing Lean support consultancy. It's a position we intend to hold for a long time yet'.

Lorne Walters, Managing Director, Value Stream Experts (VSE)


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