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lean development support services from VSE

This week we continue the launch of our new Business Improvement services range.

For years now, we've prided ourselves on delivering personalised, bespoke lean solutions for our clients depending on their operational performance challenges.

However, in the interests of clarity and simplicity, we have carefully structured our solutions into our four core service offerings;

  • Lean Coaching Workshops,

  • VSE360º (Process Confirmation Software),

  • Lean Sustainability Programme™ and

  • Lean Development Support

Recently we launched our Business Improvement service by introducing our Lean Coaching Workshop Series and our Lean Sustainability Programme™.

Today is the day we are officially announcing VSE Lean Development Support.

This is our core service at VSE which has been required by almost all of our clients over the last 3 years. Here we have structured and simplified the service we deliver and hopefully clarify just how we are able to continuously deliver significantly stronger results than our peers within the sector.

There are masses of examples across many sectors of organisations that have employed external lean consultants to support their performance improvement plans - many have been left disappointed with the long term results.

Whilst many lean consultants are happy to emphasise their knowledge and capabilities with complex 'lean tools, phrases and processes', confusing and disengaging the client's operational team, are the single most likely reasons why, when the consultants have gone, so too do any performance improvements that had been identified.

We don't operate in anything like the same way.

Our Values at VSE run through the heart of how our team operates. Transparency is a key driver to success, as is full engagement of the client's team and most importantly, that at the end of our partnership, they will be capable of repeatedly doing what our Lean specialists have been coaching them to do.

Find out more or download the brochure HERE

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