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This week we are officially launching our new Business Improvement services range.

For years now, we've prided ourselves on delivering personalised, bespoke lean solutions for our clients depending on their operational performance challenges.

However, in the interests of clarity and simplicity, we have carefully structured our solutions into our four core service offerings;

  • Lean Coaching Workshops,

  • VSE360º (Process Confirmation Software),

  • Lean Sustainability Programme™ and

  • Lean Development Support

Recently we launched our Business Improvement service by introducing our Lean Coaching Workshop Series.

Today is the day we are officially announcing the Lean Sustainability Programme ™ (despite already in significant use right across our client base!).

There are examples across many sectors of organisations that have successfully gained significant performance improvements through cutting waste, focusing on efficiency and mindset.

However, a large amount of these organisations have also then struggled to maintain these improvements in the long term - factors such as; changes in strategic direction, natural turnover of staff and in particular, the common human trait of 'going back to old ways', often combine to negatively impact even the most determined organisations in the medium/long term.

So by working together as a team, we applied decades of experience with the target of putting together a solution, which strengthens and reinforces the performance gains within such proactive organisations: VSE Lean Sustainability Programme ™ was born.

And it is already having a positive and profound effect on sustaining, even improving initial operational and margin gains.

Find out more or download the brochure HERE

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