The VSE Lean Coaching Workshop series

dynamic lean coaching workshops

This week we are officially launching our new Business Improvement services range.

For years now, we've prided ourselves on delivering personalised, bespoke lean solutions for our clients depending on their operational performance challenges.

However, in the interests of clarity and simplicity, we have carefully structured our solutions into our four core service offerings;

  • Lean Coaching Workshops,

  • VSE360º (Process Confirmation Software),

  • Lean Sustainability Programme™ and

  • Lean Development Support

Today we start by introducing our Lean Coaching Workshop series.

As with everything we do when supporting a client with operational performance improvement, the team at VSE are focused on helping the internal Operational Leadership and their teams, to identify significant margin 'wins' whilst at the same time, making sure their own development means that such capabilities will still be prevalent long after we have gone - and our Lean Coaching Series is exactly the same.

50% classroom based to absorb the approach, skills and mentality required to drive operational improvements and then 50% 'out on the floor' with support and guidance where needed from our team.

We don't know anybody else who coaches this way....but then again, we don't know anyone else who gets the results that we do for the client.

Find out more or download the brochure HERE


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