The power of combining cutting edge technology with dynamic Lean development

For some time now, Value Stream Experts (VSE) have been successfully delivering performance improvement partnerships with UK and Global businesses, intent on implementing /evolving into, sustainable Lean cultures.

We've taken great pride in the fact that our own philosophy regarding the correct approach to optimising the delivery of Lean development into each of our clients, being the reason our company was selected to work with them in the first place.

That philosophy is; jargon-busting, sector-focussed and highly experienced Lean development solutions, delivered by a hands-on, empathetic and talented team.

Behind the scenes, VSE has also been busy evaluating the benefits of combining technology to enhance the Lean development experience and the crucial aspect of it remaining sustainable for our clients.

Today we'd like to provide the first on a series of updates on the latest software that we are already rolling out across numerous clients, which is further enhancing the results of our team's performance improvement and Lean development work:

Welcome to VSE 360

VSE 360 Dynamic Process Confirmation App

Adherence to processes and action plan timing; optimum behaviour to support delivery, quality, and fault management etc are all 'normal' elements involved within a well drilled operation but even the most Lean focussed organisations constantly battle against instances of sub optimal manual intervention and non-conformance around standard process behaviour, causing performance to drift downwards from time to time.

So VSE solved the problem.

By combining our unparalleled experience in Lean management and Lean logistics, we map our client's key processes, including contingency processes, including responsibilities, fault management and timings into the VSE 360 App.

VSE 360 then prompts optimum processes and behaviours (the scope and depth of which, determined by each client's circumstances of course) and demands simple, manual 'touch' input at each stage of the process, operational stage etc....optimum behaviours are then easily monitored for compliance, with any anomalies flagged instantly through to senior management, so that short-falls or growing issues, can be acted upon far quicker, than when a full-blown problem occurs.

VSE 360 is your organisation's 'all-seeing-eye'.

For more information and to find out how VSE 360 could benefit your organisation, click HERE and we'd be delighted to show you more.

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