The adoption of Lean improvement doesn't HAVE to be an all or nothing decision

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It goes without saying, that a workforce which challenges itself and each other to be the best, solve problems together and improve wherever possible, is an excellent bedrock from which to build further improvements.

So for this reason at VSE, we don't believe Lean improvement has to be an all or nothing decision.

There are plenty of ideas, basic tips and consistent behaviours that can be adopted initially by senior management (and latterly the front-line team), which will gradually help position the organisation, in readiness for a robust, future Lean improvement strategy.

One such simple and yet wickedly-powerful, daily exercise we recommend is:

Challenge the team to think deeper about the idea of standards and the ability to check their own work for any anomalies. The ability to clearly define satisfactory work and non-satisfactory work is one of the most fundamental skills we can develop in people.

Ask each member of the team to list at least one problem a day they recently encountered and discuss how they can prevent it in the future. No problem is too small. In fact, we find that the smaller the problems being discussed, the higher the quality will be in the end.

What should worry you is hearing no problems.

Our experience will get you there.

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