A successful leader in Lean is 'NOT like a plumber but more like a dietician'

Just like a top lean consultant, a dietician provides the advice but it's down to the team to heed it

This was a direct quote from Managing Director Lorne Walters this week when outlining the process to a new client of how VSE go about helping to successfully deliver Lean management into our clients' organisations:

''A successful internal Lean Leader or external Lean Consultant is not like a plumber but more like an excellent dietician. The changes and transformation needed to develop a Lean culture, need to be adopted and actually created by the team, one man or woman will get nowhere near the goal by themselves.

The analogy of us being a dietician is that with all of our experience and hands-on capabilities, our role is to engage, communicate and impart this intellectual property quickly, in order that the team can be enlightened and developed to then go and make the changes themselves (of course initially under the stewardship of the Lean experts) - much like the dietician, everything comes down to the engagement and communication of what behaviours are required moving forward, as to whether the team adopt and apply these learnings. Something we at VSE, excel at.''

This was as strong an analogy for me as it was for the client.

Whoever is developing the Lean capabilities and scope of the team can be the most skilled Lean practitioner on the planet but it won't just be them going forward that is making the changes on scale that the organisation needs.

The team are the resource that'll be doing that.

So common-sense tells us that the Lean leaders or consultants (depending on whether this is an internal or external support function) must not only have great experience, communication and engagement skills but also the ability to impart responsibility (with the help of the Exec team) onto those being developed, so that Lean becomes a mindset, not just a seasonal fad - much like the recommended dietary changes are for the dietician.

Our experience will get you there.

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