6 reasons your company should embrace a Lean journey

Lean can be a great idea for your business

We have presented numerous articles and ideas throughout 2016 regarding how successful Lean Management works, what the challenges are and now we are looking at the top-line benefits for getting it right - and achieving a Lean culture.

There are of course numerous direct and indirect benefits to delivering successful Lean practices and staff development but from an Executive Board point of view, the 6 key benefits are:

1) Streamlines the company’s processes – Implementing Lean allows a manufacturer to streamline their processes throughout the entire organisation, from the front office all the way to distribution. Efficiencies are witnessed and the organisation is able to work at its full potential. This results in a reduced operational costs and increased speed to market.

2) Removes waste – Lean addresses the Nine Areas of Waste: motion, inventory, waiting time, transportation, information, quality, overproduction, processing and creativity. By eliminating waste, a company has the opportunity to abolish time spent on unnecessary tasks.

3) Lean can build team commitment – In order to build a Lean operation, a company must recognise that there is a need for change. Employing Lean operations requires focus from all team members. In many instances, utilising Lean techniques have allowed for a company-wide assessment of their operational processes, which builds teamwork and cooperation.

4) The job is never done – A key element of Lean is “continuous improvement.” This means that there are continuous opportunities to become more Lean.

5) The customer should receive significantly more value, which is at the core of Lean thinking. Logically, thus, the expectation should then be for the customer to demonstrate greater loyalty.

6) By helping to identify new value streams and eliminate waste, both ends of the balance sheet should be affected with much higher margins the result.

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