No. 3 in our series of FREE Lean management templates

Value Stream Experts: Free Lean Templates series

Each week, over the next few weeks after listening to a number of requests from our Subscribers, Value Stream Experts have committed to introduce a number of downloadable Leadership templates.

Each of them are simple, proven and effective control documents that need to be used at the relevant point of the Lean journey, to transform your organisation into a waste intolerant, sustainably efficient business, delivering straight to the bottom line.

Identifying a problem with inefficiency or waste within an organisation is normally the easiest part of the entire 'fixing' process. How to solve it is the probably the most difficult. Visualisation is an intrinsic part of Lean Management and as such, pioneered by Toyota many years ago, a structure to Problem Solving used by Lean experts the world over, starts with outlining the details and steps required to not only solve the issue but to continuously improve thereafter. This is where the A3 approach was born.

This Template is for you if you're looking for help in this area.

In the THIRD of the series, we introduce our A3 problem solving template.

The VSE 8 Wastes Checklist Template

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This document will help you and your team visualise on one document, a systematic problem solving process by focussing on:

  • What the perceived problem is

  • A breakdown of the problem, for example, the "5 W's (what, where, when, why, who) and 2H's" (how, how many)

  • A goal of what the target outcome needs to be

  • What needs to be done to contain the issue during the solve process

  • The implementation plan including responsibilities

  • What follow-up process is required to deliver the focus on continuous improvement

As one of the control documents our team use almost every day with our clients, we hope you get good use out of it too.

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