The UK Housing sector will benefit from HCA funding - but challenges are ahead

With the HCA having announced many of the Housing Organisations who have successfully applied for the Home Building Fund set aside by the current Government, work is obviously well underway to use the available funds wisely. For many of course, particularly Social Housing providers, Not for Profit, Charity based organisations etc, a move into the Private Housing sector represents a significant leap from the usual operational activities. With the dedicated Housing sector team we have here at VSE, we are well underway with numerous Housing organisations throughout the UK, in providing the key outline and Lean Management support required to facilitate these changes. Such is the experience and depth of Housing sector knowledge we have, we are also able to offer complete clarity and insight into the precise, required communication channels, advertising schedules, anticipated ROIs and returns on leads generated, in order to guarantee your sales are delivered cost effectively, in line with the business plan.

We'd be delighted to have a chat or meet up for an hour or so to discuss how we are able to successfully support your key teams to deliver during this exciting but challenging time.

Simply CLICK HERE and we'll be in touch to set something up that suits you and allows us to give you a bit more detail as to how we can help.


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