The 7 key areas to eliminate Waste and Inefficiency (for both Manufacturing and Service companies)

The beauty of lining up (as above) the typical areas to find Waste and Inefficiency within a manufacturing or services organisation, is the visual impact of just how different they are.

Take inventory for example....Lean Management (within reason) will always attempt to remove any excess inventory lying around a Manufacturing organisation whilst balancing its immediate availability to the customer when required....whilst in a Services organisation, where often the customer requirement involves human delivery, not having the stock at hand (i.e. the skills to supply), is likely to cause large repercussions on the customer.

One size does NOT fit all with successful Lean Management.

Whilst there are some excellent and proven techniques, theories, tools and performance management matrices central to Lean Management, Lean success can only be achieved via the correct APPLICATION of these resources, COMBINED with the development of the key personnel at the organisation who will be implementing the required changes, AS WELL AS a clear focus on the end-Customer requirements (often as dictated by industry within which the organisation operates).

One of the first places to start when commencing the Lean Journey, is to identify the Waste issues however. So with that in mind, we hope the table above can be of use to get you underway.

Our experience will get you there.

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