Fascinating insight into the 5 leadership behaviours essential for continuous team improvement

leadership styles essential for team development

Whilst we are all aware that not everybody can make a good leader in business (and of course that very much is true regardless of the grandeur of the job title as well), we are not necessarily aware what 'good leaders' need to display in terms of their leadership style, to provide a process of continuous team development.

Which after all must surely be seen as the definitive goal for successful leadership.

Following extensive brain-storming amongst our team, we have identified five leadership behaviours that are present EVERY time, when we have partnered with organisations over the last 20 years, looking to transform their operations and develop their employees:

Open to learn:

A leader successful in being able to continually develop their team we always find, is 'open to learn'. With advancements in technology, skilled resources, efficiency programmes, economic swings, changes in customer requirements etc, a leader will only maintain the ability to continually develop their team, by both being aware of and keen to absorb such changes happening around them.


Some people associate this required leader behaviour with risk. We don't necessarily see it that way. Whilst it is certainly the case that we have worked with many excellent leaders who a skill in taking risks with successful outcomes, we have many experiences where leaders have identified and targeted new opportunities, missed by others and for the benefit of all.


A successful leader always leads by example but from our experience, that includes coaching and development of key employees. Additionally within this point, it is also the leaders who select their key coaching targets carefully with the prime reason to identify those that in turn will be able to coach/develop people further down the line, who are most successful.


Teamwork, engagement and harmony are three of the highest requirements noted by employees in all size of businesses as being most important to them at work. Thus, it is no surprise that our team here at Value Stream Experts is in full agreement, that the most successful leaders we work with are affiliative, with a focus on developing a real team ethic


Whilst some strong leaders prefer a form of 'laissez-fair' management style to demonstrate their trust and pride almost in their team to 'do what they need to do', we find that the more successful leaders we work with apply a democratic approach to their teams. And more often than not, that involves at least some involvement and certainly complete clarity, in decision making.

Our experience will get you there.

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