As companies grow, inefficiency is normal

Fluctuating company margins

Left on its own, almost any organisation evolves in a way that leads to inefficiency, inter-departmental-centric thinking.

People assume that things are done in a certain way because that is the way they need to be done.

Very often, however, what has actually happened is that a practice developed for a very specific time and purpose has crept into processes that it was never intended for.
In larger organisations, these inefficiencies develop to become bureaucracy and ongoing Waste.

Much of the time, senior stake-holders can see the problem, but they feel powerless to make changes. How on earth do we change something so vast and engrained?

It can be done….one of the largest company structures on the planet, Toyota, started the Lean mindset and whilst it took them 10 years, they achieved it, right across every part of their business.

Lean management gives employees the voice, structure, and tools to challenge long-standing assumptions— and the freedom to question how the organisation does certain things and why.

The effect is to help simplify and root out valueless complexity every day at the working level of the organisation. And everything is pinned to the goal of adding value to the customer…if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be done.

Lean management starts (and should complete) the process of challenging the status quo. Why can’t we change?

Every key stakeholder needs a voice and ideally to interact too…Lean is a team game and the individuals are stronger operating as a team; supporting, guiding, challenging and ultimately focusing on winning.

As a result, the organisation gradually begins to simplify itself and the three key winners, should be the Customer, the motivated workforce and the company’s bottom line.

At Value Stream Experts, we specialise in swiftly and painlessly, unravelling complex organisations. We identify waste, develop value streams and crucially, apply our experience to engage and involve your key teams/stakeholders, so that the positive lean changes will be sustainable. We leave all of our clients with a Lean Culture and one that demands continuous improvement. Our experience will get you there.

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