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We provide affordable subscription-based services that enable you to sustain the gains made from your Continuous Improvement programmes – CI Partner and TaskTrakLive


CI Partner

CI Partner provides packaged support for your continuous improvement projects at whatever level you need.

Our baseline ‘Sustain’ package has at it’s heart the ongoing tracking and review of improvement activities so variations can be identified and managed before they have time to become major issues. We help you ensure it happens, not distracted by any day to day pressures. And starting from £750 per month, ‘Sustain’ is a cost effective way of keeping your CI projects on track.

If you need more, our ‘Improve’, ‘Transform’ or ‘Develop’ packages will give you what you need.

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TaskTrakLive is the tool that underpins, and supercharges your improvement and operational sustainability through:

• Semi-automating process confirmation

• Acting as a ‘conscience’ for correct behaviours – through reminders and escalation

• Allowing complete flexibility of check content and frequency

• Allowing notated photographic records of confirmation activities

• Keeping a record of confirmation activities to enable analysis

In practice, this means that the behavioural habits required for sustainable improvement, plus operational control is enhanced, ultimately supporting cultural change and outstanding results.

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