Inefficiency, waste and inconsistent operational performance can all be eradicated with world-class lean development support and lean coaching from Value Stream Experts

Lean problems that we solve

There are many different types of efficiency issues:

It is important to acknowledge that the majority of times we have been asked to partner with our clients, it has been during times of operational fatigue, where the senior team had identified significant waste, inefficiencies and the subsequent pressures on margin. But it's not always the case.


Indeed, many of our most powerful results have come with clients whose organisations are surging forward....growth is happening rapidly and the senior team has acknowledged to itself, that now is the time to create a sustainable, lean culture, to provide the bedrock for continuous improvement, while the business continues to grow and evolve.  


Our clients and the problems/issues that they face regarding implementing a lean culture, come in all different shapes and sizes. Each have different needs and requirements. 


Fortunately for them, with an average experience of over 25 years in providing successful lean consultancy services, our senior team has the breadth of experience to deliver:




Clients at the start of the Lean Development Journey



Some of our Clients are at the start of the Lean journey....their organisation is becoming vast, complex and has evolved in terms of the processes and departmental interactions, while the company has grown.


As staff come and go, Heads of Departments apply different ways of operating and higher targets are applied, inefficiency and waste almost inevitably start taking root.


It's a key time to realign the entire operation and the components within it, before inefficiencies become deep-rooted and culturally accepted.




Clients who have started their Lean Journey



Some of our Clients have started their Lean journey....their organisation has embraced the principles of Lean by way of looking to develop value streams and ongoing efficiency.


It's rare for this approach to not deliver at least some positive effect on margin, quality, efficiency, staff morale etc but it is very common that they start to see the effects taper off and slip back to 'the old way of doing things'. In a nutshell, the organisation failed to adopt a Lean Culture and as such, not all key staff are engaged with the approach.


Continuous improvement is just a dream not a reality..... We get it. We understand it. And we have a truly impressive track record of turning this situation back round for our clients and inbedding the Lean Culture that they crave.



Clients with a well developed Lean Journey



Some of our Clients have a very developed Lean journey....this another common type of client for us here at VSE - Rolls Royce, BAE etc very much fall into this category.



This is an organisation fully committed to the Lean Process and striving hard to, if not achieved already, a Lean Culture. But people change, people move on and new people join. Acquisitions and mergers happen frequently and new technology is constantly challenging existing processes and expertise. As we all know, change happens whether we want it or not.


Our clients in this category make sure each time they are in the perfect place to manage that change, by bringing Value Stream Experts in to assess the changes and the challenges ahead and then implement a plan, concurrent with their existing Lean approach, and smoothly help deliver the transition.



Our experience will get you there