Lean Coaching Workshops

Engagement, practical involvement and interaction are all consistent features of how the entire team at VSE, operates regardless of the solution that the client is looking to achieve.


And that is also the case when delivering our VSE Lean Coaching Workshops.


We engage. We involve. We interact. 

Unlike the vast majority of Lean Development consultancies who deliver classroom-based training, we don't tell...because clients will forget

With VSE, Lean development coaching engages with and directly involves the client's team.


And VSE's personalised, Lean Coaching Workshops are tailored for both manufacturing and service sector teams.

The team at VSE deliver a number of crucial types of Lean Development Workshops (See below), and always on-site with the client because at least 70% of each Workshop is undertaken 'in situ', looking at real problems and real solutions, in order that was has been discussed, can be applied immediately.


This approach helps win over hearts and minds of even the most sceptical.


Holy Trinity Workshop

This one-day Lean Development Workshop is VSE's most popular, demonstrating the power of i)Go Look See ii)Root Cause Thinking iii)PDCA all within a real-time environment


Lean Leadership Behaviour Workshop

This one-day Lean Workshop is aimed at identifying, developing and practically applying the optimum Lean Leadership Behaviours that help the team to continuously improve