Introducing the UK's optimum solution for Lean practitioner 


The requirement for UK organisations looking for top, experienced Lean practitioners has never been higher. The power to the bottom line, that well-delivered Lean development can bring to the workforce is well documented.


But so too are the stories of organisations that got it badly wrong, which inevitably comes down to the wrong people leading the Lean development programme.

Lean skills are developed through experience, empathy, engagement and hands-on management. It fails miserably if the Lean leader fails to do these things, as your team will not learn and likely become dispirited.

Having had lots of experience of repairing the damage and fixing such situations created by organisations working with Lean Management individuals/teams who had failed to develop their teams, Value Stream Experts have developed Lean+.

Lean+ is a simple and highly effective service which is designed to remove the risk of an organisation choosing the wrong Lean contractor/employee for their immediate operational performance needs.

Instead of going through the time and expense of the selection procedure to bring a Lean contractor or Lean employee on-board and then hoping that they deliver (with the risk of losing both cost and team morale if not), VSE have developed Lean+, which allows our clients to select the Lean Management expert(s) they need from our extensive and unparalleled team, in the full knowledge they will be partnering with one or more people (depending on requirements) who are Lean specialists, experienced from within their own industry.

Whilst extremely cost comparative to directly employing a Lean contractor or employee, VSE Lean+ brings so much more than just great value for money to you:

  • A minimum 20 years proven Lean delivery experience from each Lean expert available within our team - short/medium and long term requirements all covered

  • Large choice of Lean experts to choose from to fit your requirements

  • Direct sector experience within your industry

  • Evidenced success and ROI stats available for each team member operating within previous client partnerships 

  • Immediate support in place to cover sudden requirements such as; illness, requirement to increase resource/capacity, short-term cover etc

  • Value-adding project management expertise at no additional cost to the client delivered by Managing Director, Lorne Walters (consists of; 'an extra set of experienced eyes' applied to your requirements, a minimum of one day on-site support in addition to the VSE Lean expert(s) within the delivery team, a monthly Progress report summarising improvements versus targets and an accountable contact throughout the entire period of the partnership)

  • Clear, agreed improvement strategy with targets. One simple, monthly fee.

  • VSE Lean+: Focussed, experienced, accountable and proven.

















Take the risk out of your Lean requirements and significantly increase your ROI compared to the standard external Lean contractor/employee model.

Contact us today on email or by calling our Head Office on 0207 412 8995 and we'd be delighted to talk through the recommended team members that are most relevant to your requirements and your sector, whilst outlining their track records in order to help you select the optimum Lean expert to help deliver your short/medium or long term performance improvement targets.

''We developed VSE Lean+ to provide the market with a credible, reliable and cost-effective alternative for those organisations considering hiring Lean contractors to support their performance transformation requirements.


So often we have found ourselves being asked to pick up the pieces of Lean management work that has stalled or failed, due to the Lean pracitioner brought in previously, being the wrong 'fit' for the organisation.   

Lean+ removes the risk and improves the outcome by allowing the client to choose from a large, experienced and proven team of Lean experts, whilst also enjoying the insurance of project management and additional support as and when needed from Value Stream Experts at no extra cost  -  Lean+ is the complete performance improvement solution''.

Lorne Walters, Managing Director, Value Stream Experts