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High-Performance Individual Coaching

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VSE High-Performance Individual Coaching is designed as a bespoke process, based around the requirements of each client. It will, however, always provide: independent, confidential mentoring and support that enables personal performance and effectiveness improvement, by combining continuous improvement thinking and personal development thinking.

Our High-Performance Individual Coaching programme is usually structured as a 1- 2 times per month communication, via phone/video meeting session that lasts around an hour and can include onsite visits.


Whilst that may be the norm, the beauty of our approach, is that YOU can structure the interaction in terms of when, where, how often etc, to suit YOU.


It is completely focussed on helping you [the Client] as an individual, to be in a position to perform better, be more comfortable in your role and clearer when facing your tasks and challenges.


We design the programmes to provide you with a totally confidential, non-judgemental, positive environment to guide and develop you through proven and powerful improvement methodologies, to support business performance, personal development and wellbeing.


VSE's Company Mission is:


Our High-Performance Individual Coaching methodology is a key component of this mission


What type of individual will benefit from VSE High-Performance Coaching?

VSE High-Performance Individual Coaching is specifically designed to serve a variety of individuals within organisations, covering numerous scenarios where small differences can provide a huge impact.


Our clients have included:

  • Senior executives (seeking the ‘critical friend’ for challenge and support)

  • Newly promoted 1st level leaders (looking to build confidence and short cut experience gap)

  • Project and programme managers (additional support as sounding board, challenger, reflector to enable reflection and multi outcome effectiveness)

  • Individual project team members (assistance with team dynamics and techniques to underpin success in critical projects)

  • Operational staff with key roles within organisations (critical staff positions that require additional skills / thinking)

  • Employees affected by change (help to deal with the effects of change, provide skills to adjust to new way of operating) 

  • Small business owners (seeking critical friend and new ideas to support business growth or change)

  • Change leaders (to underpin their thinking and support with techniques and thinking critical for successful change)



The sustainable benefits gained include:

  • Reduced time to competence

  • Increased quality performance from operational staff and leadership

  • Reduced stress levels within staff members

  • Increased work / life fulfilment

  • Increased success of change programmes and projects

  • Cultural improvement across the organisation


VSE High-Performance Individual Coaching in action: Case Study 1

VSE supported a manufacturing organisation that were underway with a change programme. Mid-level leaders were targeted for coaching due to their pivotal position as influencers of change, and the recognition that their roles were changing significantly, could be a source of additional work pressure and thus adversely affect improvement requirements.


Although there were budgetary restrictions due to widespread technology investments, VSE put together a bespoke coaching programme, to directly focus on the Operational and Management challenges ahead.


This coaching support was delivered through a low cost, 2 times per month coaching programme, all carried out on a distance basis for 4 mid level leaders. 

The results were measured at the end of the programme and most notably, significantly reduced time to stability had been achieved, post change in the area where coaching was deployed, vs. where coaching was not deployed.


The leaders involved within the Programme, were also able to improve quality and productivity in their areas, realising the project benefits that were targeted. Thereafter, the Programme was extended across the wider Operations Management team.




VSE High-Performance Individual Coaching in action: Case Study 2

A COO of a global services organisation with the leisure industry was in a changing environment due to a rapidly expanding operational base.


VSE put together and carried out a coaching programme, distance-based, 2 times per month, aimed at supporting the development of appropriate lean skills and behaviours, to be subsequently coached internally, across the expanding senior operations team leaders.


Included within the coaching programme were operational development techniques based on lean management principles, as well as psychological preference analysis.


The outcomes following a programme of 6 months coaching was a reduction in the operational risks across the organisation through improved governance and sub level leadership development carried out via COO successfully coaching their own team.


VSE continues to coach COO on a less frequent basis, and following successful transition to an improved level of control, the senior executive has continued career progression into a new wider role within the same industry, now armed with new methodology and coaching skills.




An example of just some of the themes that are covered within our Coaching Programmes:

  • VSE Holy Trinity

  • Long term thinking

  • Trusting yourself

  • Positivity

  • Win-win thinking

  • Benefits and celebration

  • Doing what you love


"Leading an organisation, leading change or doing both simultaneously, can be an isolated place, so VSE High-Performance Individual 

Coaching was born to support Leaders and their teams".

Lorne Walters

Managing Director, VSE

"To Help Individuals and Organisations achieve their maximum potential by improving their capabilities, performance and fulfilment.”