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The UK public is ever more demanding of the health sector and more information in the public domain than ever before, also less tolerant of poor quality, mistakes or malpractice. Many parts of Europe we find to be just the same in terms of public insight and thus concurrent expectations on their health services.


The UK and EU governing bodies have imposed tough reform and cost reduction agendas and consequently they are driving structural changes across the sector, requiring public service organisations to radically transform by adapting their operating models, finding efficiencies and adopting innovative technology.


The Private sector is increasingly look to muscle in and apply the perceived nimbleness and creativity that sometimes Public sector organisations can find impossible to foster.


To continue to deliver effectively and efficiently requires a strategy of change, which many organisations are well on with implementing. However, with ageing populations and shifting disease patterns, also requires continuous improvement programmes, meaning up-skilling middle and senior management to engage the entire workforce in these programmes, has recently stopped being simply good practice and actually become an unswerving necessity.

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The hospital needed a full Performance Transformation of the Outpatients Services department, with the focus on three key areas: cost reduction, increase in efficiency and improved service to patients - all to be sustainable.


A continuous improvement model was developed and a flourishing, new operational culture with an intolerance to waste also in place, which means that the results attained have been sustained and in some cases improved upon since


"The management consultants were unusually hands-on in visiting the department frequently and seeing for themselves the difficulties rather than relying on statistics etc.”

Niall Daly, Consultant Surgeon ENT, WM Hospital

Experience you can always rely on

Every member of our senior client-facing team has over 25 years experience and success delivering Lean management and training for businesses throughout the world. More importantly, each member of the team shares tangible people skills - the core component of world class lean delivery. 


Our experience will get you there.


Matt Anderson

Senior Vice President

Rolls Royce

"The value stream based approach by Value Stream Experts was the basis of our performance improvement plan. This really helped us to visualise how successful we were at operating and also enabled our people to drive waste out of their activities”

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