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Frequently asked questions

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What is the best approach for long term sustainability of improvement...?

At VSE we believe that it’s critical to build your internal skills, but in addition we believe it’s essential to have a ‘critical friend’ and experienced guide to challenge and help you get on and stay on the right path to sustainability.

It’s not about having lots of external expertise ‘on the ground’ on a long term basis – it’s really about driving it yourselves, but shortening the learning time by utilising experienced thinking at the correct areas of the organisation, be it board level or shop floor.

We have designed CI Partner and TaskTrakLive specifically to enable this.

Why not just go for results rather than all this long-term sustainability thinking...?

As impressive as the numbers seem when potential benefits are calculated over the mid/long term; it remains that without taking the necessary actions to embed the improvements, such as knowledge enhancement and the correct thinking / habits across the various levels of the organisation; any potential benefits will eventually dissipate. As well as minimal long term benefits, other outcomes will typically be cynicism, demotivation and frustration at multiple levels of the organisation.

CI Partner and TaskTrakLive have been developed to ensure sustainability grows and you avoid these negative effects of failed implementation.

I have found a way to sustain improvements – I don’t know why you say it’s a problem...?

Great news for you..!

I hope you have found a formula that works for your organisation.

What can also happen though, is that momentum and enthusiasm can last for a period of time before the lack of underpinning habits and knowledge mean that the improvements features begin to fall in to disrepute and eventually regress completely.

We have designed CI Partner and TaskTrakLive to prevent this happening – get in touch to find out how it works.

Why should I care about sustaining the improvements – I’m going to my next project soon...?

I hope you do care because we do..! .. and so do you colleagues..!

Improvement activities are extremely motivational when done well, and will have a lasting positive effect on individuals and organisations. This means sustaining improvements is a hugely important factor for the whole organisation and will help you grow individually as an improvement focussed person. CI Partner and TTL helps provide the environment that ensures you receive the correct support and guidance to make sustaining improvement satisfying and rewarding.

Many organisations claim to make massive savings – is this true..?

Absolutely..! There are huge saving to be made from a lean thinking transformational change – VSE deliver this kind of change..! However – these claims are empty and worthless if the subsequent levels of sustainability are not achieved. TTL and CI Partner are designed to ensure this happens.

How do you sustain improvements?

In order to sustain improvements, there must be an integrated approach to improvement across the organisation. As well as clear leadership, the necessary structure is required to develop and engender the necessary habits that will create the culture that will keep the whole organisation moving forwards. CI Partner and TTL are specifically designed in order to achieve this.