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VSE Brochures:


The VSE Lean Workshop Series is a highly popular range of unique, single and multiple day courses, incorporating 50% Lean coaching and 50% 'on the shop floor' supervised application of the new skills learned. At VSE we don't tell people how to sustainably deliver improvements to operational performance, we coach and support them to do it.




The VSE Lean Development Brochure provides a succinct overview about how our team applies their vast experience, to help support huge operational performance gains within our clients' operations. Our philosophy at VSE is that the client's operation team should be left with the same level of skills and capability as our own team, by the time the partnership comes to a natural end.



VSE 360º is our in-house process confirmation software. VSE360º combines processes and leadership behaviours with automation, in order to proactively support continuous improvement. We introduce this software into clients who wish to have a company-wide insight and notification process, in order to instantly identify where operational processes are falling down. VSE360º provides our clients with the ability to proactively manage issues, before they get anywhere near becoming a problem that affects performance. 



The VSE Sustainability Programme ™ is a another unique feature within our service proposition. For years, many have been left frustrated having undertaken a lean development focus to improve operational performance, only for results to slip back to where they were previously. VSE have solved the problem for good. It is very clear to us that true sustainability is only ever achievable long term, with a support process which monitors that improved operational behaviours and decision making, are maintained.



VSE Full Solutions Brochure provides a clear, visually appealing overview of our Values, approach and range of operational improvement solutions. As the UK's fastest growing Lean Development Consultancy, we take great pride in the fresh approach our team brings to each client. Our focus is engagement and practical support, to help identify and realise operational gains as swiftly as possible - Together we will get you there.

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