Some of the Value Stream Experts team

Our greatest asset is our team

Without question, Value Stream Experts has earned the reputation of Europe's leading Lean Management Consultancy for one reason: Our Team

We have built our business focussed entirely on being the best. In the Lean Consultancy sector, being the best means delivering the best results for the client:

identifying every available Value Stream

engaging even the most cynical key stakeholders

gaining the support, trust and input from key employees

clearly and concisely setting out each achievable milestone

ALWAYS delivering the margin improvement targets

leaving behind a dynamic, up-skilled cuture for continual improvement

This is a bold, dynamic and exciting business. 


Large, complex, successful and world class organisations continually turn to Value Stream Experts to further develop efficiencies and margin, whilst consolidating further a culture of continuous improvement and intolerance to waste.

Given the opportunities before us working with proactive lean-focused businesses throughout the world, we want the best talent. You won't be disappointed in the package if you fall into that category.

Please get in touch using the button below, after which we'll contact you in order to commence the process of getting to know each other.

Our experience will get you there.