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The challenges we will help you overcome

The automotive industry is one of the most challenging across the globe. But of course we don't need to tell you that. Having worked across the globe applying successful lean management, enhancing margins, reducing waste etc we alsocome with bags of experience. We talk your language.


Technological, competition and consumer demand changes within the last 25 years, coupled with the emergence of increasing and inconsistent regulatory pressures, have seen enormous pressures to maintain efficiency and margin within almost every automotive company on the planet.


Particularly in the UK, US and most of Europe, we’ve seen extraordinary regulatory and environmental demands from central Governments, that have required significant change across huge operational areas of almost every company in the sector. And both consumers and businesses have evolved their requirements too from Automotive manaufacturers and suppliers, meaning only the nimble, innovative, waste intolerant and insightful are flourishing in such conditions....we count many of our clients amongst this group.


Our experience will get you there.




With margins under pressure and waste clearly identified across the Operational Delivery teams, both a change in culture and focus on efficiency were critical.


Whilst sustainable improvements were delivered in end of line quality that resulted in huge reduction in time and cost to output to the customer base, the key result achieved was the development and engagement of key internal staff.


"There was a good teaching style deployed by VSE, that ensured full understanding of methods. The improvement approach was people centric with productive challenges and clear focus on targets to be achieved.”


Marco Goepfert, Senior Manufacturing Executive, Daimler Trucks

Experience you can always rely on

Every member of our senior client-facing team has over 25 years experience and success delivering Lean management and training for businesses throughout the world. More importantly, each member of the team shares tangible people skills - the core component of world class lean delivery. 


Our experience will get you there.


“The weekly meeting in OPD was a very useful way of concentrating minds and making decisions and following up the results.


Also, the management consultants were unusually hands-on in visiting the department frequently and seeing for themselves the difficulties rather than relying on statistics etc.” 

Niall Daly

Consultant Surgeon, ENT

West Middlesex Hospital

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