Andon system specialists

Specialists in the deployment and optimisation of Andon Systems

Our clients fall into two categories when it comes to Andon.


Those who have an existing Andon system which is not operating as effectively as it should/could be and those clients requiring specialist advice in the deployment of a new Andon tool and accompanying process management.

As Lean Andon specialists, Value Stream Experts provide a unique solution to our clients, by providing the UK's leading, independent Lean Andon solution.

Whilst all Andon tools should be highly effective at keeping operations running smoothly, by driving response time and problem solving, a combination of the most aligned, bespoke Andon tool, together with the most relevant process management (management process and behaviours) when in operation, are required.


VSE support numerous clients around the world in doing just that.

Common issues that we help provide solutions for, include; inconsistent deployment of the Andon process across individuals within the production line, poor reaction times, numerous 'Responders' when an issue is flagged (there should ONLY be one) and also senior management not subsequently managing out 'patterns of issues' to stop repeat deployment of the Andon for the same issues in the future.

Value Stream Experts award winning Lean management and team development skills  provide the optimum solution to these Andon problems and more.

Andon is an incredibly powerful, visual management tool when utilised correctly. We have seen many instances when it has actually become a form of hinderance to operational performance, particularly when operated inconsistently.


Contact us today for help and advice as to how we can either deploy and/or optimise Andon within your organisation and keep production running smoothly, when faults occur.