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Lorne Walters
Managing Director

Having worked globally in the Lean Management world for over 20 years, both client and consultancy side, with companies such as Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, BAE Submarines and across the NHS, Lorne has not only many years of successful lean consulting experience but also a rounded outlook having delivered on the client's side of the fence too. 

The excellent array of client testimonials and loyal customers that Lorne has built up over the years, is testament to his experience. Crucially though, Lorne himself from a very early stage in his lean career, was, and continues to be confused as to why lean practioners and consultants, over complicate the practice of delivering lean management. This approach is counter-intuitive. 


Successful lean management practices need to be understood, bought into and interacted with by all relevant management/employee levels in order to deliver the targets within the timescales aimed for. An attempt by lean practioners to over complicate (one assumes to attempt to justify their raison d'être) the process, cannot be at all helpful to business executives focussed on achieving significant business improvements, through lean management.


Both Lorne and the rest of the team at Value Stream Experts are delighted to buck that trend. Yes, we have the fancy tools, intellectual property, sector expertise and experience....but it's the solution you want, not the pomp and postering of a consultancy trying to get you there.

Lorne has always worked to simple but effective philosophies in terms of how he and his team do business:

"If the client cannot do what I or my team can do by the end of our time working together in terms of delivering successful lean management, then we have failed and there will be no continuous improvement."




Fortunately, we don't do failing.

Lorne's key philosophy unsurprisingly is also the philosophy of Value Stream Experts. Part of that idealogy is also that the success of lean practices within a large organisation will only be achieved if the human infrastructure and employee engagement are fully optimised.


Every member of our team, whether in client-facing or support teams, share the importance of delivering lean success (regardless of the areas of the client organisation being focussed on), via the careful engagement and empowerment of all key management staff, and in turn the wider employee group.


The ability to manage this part of the process so effectively every time, sets Value Stream Experts apart from 95% of the lean consultancy market straight away.


It's the number one reason when the employee engagement and contribution is insufficiently achieved, why even some of the most carefully developed lean plans, can unravel badly upon deployment. 

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