Improvement is not a project
it’s a culture.

We are lean and value stream experts, advising, identifying, engaging and coaching our clients into a sustainable improvement culture, that delivers immediately. 


The whole concept of sustaining change is an interesting challenge in that the transience of improvement activities, means that the lack of sustainability can creep up on people and surprise them, when they’re busy thinking they’re making progress.

A project approach, by its very nature has ‘event’ rather than ‘forever’ [written all over it..!][at it’s heart]. By having an end date, the project approach effectively [engenders..? encourages..?] a subtle feeling being temporary. This contributes to why the much-heralded benefits and the much sought-after continuous improvement culture do not manifest.

CI-Partner and TaskTrakLive are designed as a support service, and competitively priced to eliminate financial barriers to adoption and swift financial payback.

VSE’s approach helps develop the habits and ultimately the culture for sustainable continuous improvement.

About Lorne

Lorne Walters has spent the majority of his career driving change and improvement, via coaching and various types of process transformation including lean management.


Directly witnessing the frustration of colleagues, suppliers and clients with the difficulties of sustaining improvement and how those challenges negatively colour the views of many stakeholders, he has developed a suite of approaches to help organisations and individuals underpin their improvement activities.


From specific individual coaching techniques to more technology based approaches, he continues to use his organisation to support an array of industries sectors. Lorne started his career in automotive, but has worked in healthcare, financial services and shipping.


When not helping organisations, Lorne is a keen, (but average) sportsman playing football and cricket, and keenly watching a certain north west football team that plays in red.

"If improvements don’t last, what’s the point of all the effort and financial outlay?"


The origins of VSE today goes back to the early days of lean management and the practices brought in by Japanese automotive manufacturing companies such as Toyota. The VSE team have a rich history of transforming firstly automotive organisations, then moving through wider manufacturing sectors such as the aerospace and defence industries, then on to operational sectors such as rail, construction and then service sectors including financial services and healthcare provision.


Working with both large and niche companies, we have continually refined our approach to produce the best financial returns for our clients, and in doing so have identified the causes of lack of sustainability of improvements as a key focus area that is often missed – leading to huge frustration of all those involved. These factors have led to the creation of CI-Partner and TaskTrakLive both of which are designed to help you achieve long term success – rather than the false, short term ‘improvement rhetoric’ that leads to financial frustration.