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Welcome to the Value Stream Experts (VSE) website. There's hopefully plenty here to help you along with your operational improvement journey, from the resource-packed Lean Trends blog, the results-focused Lean Services which VSE are renowned for, to our unique Lean Coaching approach.

However, it is our sector-leading and highly innovative VSE Diagnostic solution which we're most keen to bring to your attention:

VSE Diagnostic turns the traditional lean support model on its head, putting the buyer firmly in charge. For the first time ever across the sector, VSE now offer a structured, 3-day onsite support programme, resulting in a clear, Evaluation Report covering: Wastage, Processes, People, Workflows and Leadership.

''Having worked on both sides of the fence (lean services buyer and supplier),

I can totally relate to the 'leap of faith' involved with choosing a third-party supplier

to partner with, together with the associated investment, in order to hopefully achieve 

significant and continuous, improved operation performance.

Now, however, VSE Diagnostic puts YOU firmly in charge to make the right decision''.


Lorne Walters

Managing Director, VSE


The whole point of the VSE Diagnostic report, is for pro-active organisation leaders to quickly gain (usually within 2 weeks of agreement to commence) a dynamic, structured piece of Analysis, undertaken by highly skilled and experienced Lean Management practitioners providing clarity around what and where issues exist, combined with the solutions to remove them. Our approach also includes a clear set of recommendations outlined, in order to exploit any and all identified areas of operational cost savings.


The VSE Diagnostic Report covers areas such as; 


  • Where/Why wastage is taking place,

  • Areas of improvement identified,

  • Your 'quick wins',

  • Recommended actions,

  • Anticipated total cost savings/timescales and

  • Support proposal, should you wish to partner with VSE therafter, to help deliver the opportunities that have been identified


What we do obviously depends entirely on what our client needs to deliver. The requirements for lean management are present in every organisation, assuming they wish to operate more efficiently and ultimately gain greater margins.

However, knowing where your value streams are is one thing.


Developing the processes, employee engagement and time to deliver them, is another.


A good sales team is capable of landing a world-class client in any industry. This area of a company's website is often littered with great names to lure you in and join them.


However, while they may be 'clients' , are they happy? How long did they work together? You rarely get those answers....feel free to ask us. 

We pride ourselves on our

client referrals


It's not that we know what your issues and problems are in relation to you wanting to run a lean, efficient organisation, because every situation is different. But what we do know is how to help you deliver the solution swiftly, effectively and sustainably. At the very core of our client partnership is gaining the complete engagement of your teams.

Our experience will get you there.

Sector expertise

About us

There are a number of services we provide to our clients, from efficiency analysis, value stream consulting through to development training. At the core of our delivery and what our clients can expect from working with Value Stream Experts, is Sustainable Performance Improvement.

What that means, is that we only partner with a client when we know we can guarantee an ongoing Sustainable Performance Improvement. Unlike many out there, we are not interested in putting a sticking plaster over a wound. We aim to heal and make it better.

After all, Our reputation and Your growth targets are what matter most when we work together.

What our clients say

 The weekly meeting in OPD was a very useful way of concentrating minds and making decisions, and following up the results.


Also, the management consultants were unusually hands on in visiting the department frequently and seeing for themselves the difficulties rather than relying on statistics etc."

Niall Daly,

Consultant Surgeon, ENT,

West Middlesex Hospital

 The application of lean management within this industry is a real passion of mine.


The consultant's hands-on practical approach was exactly what we needed to launch our improvement activity.''

Andrew Orrey,

Chief Executive,

ONGO Homes


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